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Guinness World Record to be set in Lubbock for world's largest snow cone

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock is one day away from being the home of a new Guinness World Record. Since Tuesday, Bahama Buck's has been shaving ice to make the world's largest snow cone.

Workers are still shaving ice to add to the giant treat. Right now, the huge cup has around 15,500 pounds of shaved ice and birthday cake flavoring to celebrate Bahama Buck's 20th birthday. They're using a 300 gallon container just to pour the flavor on.

Bahama Buck's has more than tripled the previous world record, but they're not stopping until they reach their goal of about 25,000 pounds. They have to use about 30 percent more ice than expected to keep up with the warm temperatures Lubbock has been seeing.

They still need to shave about 1,000 more block of ice to finish the snow cone and anyone can purchase those blocks for just $10. Every cent of that money goes to the Children's Home of Lubbock, helping kids without families.

So far, Bahama Bucks has raised $10,000 and it won't stop there. People can still go to Bahama Bucks on 50th and Slide road to help out.

Thursday morning, it will start actually looking like a snow cone with ice coming over the rim. They will announce what the official record is and anyone can go and sample the snow cone for free. They estimate that the snow cone will feed 60,000 people.

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