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Food for Thought 12/9/10

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) - We begin at the top with a multiple repeat top performer.The Frenchman Inn at 4409 19th Street serves up a unique flavor of perfection.If you're looking for a Little Italian, Orlando's Take Out at 6941 Indiana delivers a perfect score.

For the seafood lover in you, Red Lobster at 5034 50th reels in a big catch of their own.If you're craving variety look no further. From stuffed jalapenos to chicken kiev,  Ronnie's at 5206 82nd makes a repeat appearance at the top. 

Now to this week's low performers.

Sonora Carneceria Panaderia at 2837 Clovis was cited for six critical violations.

* Employees did not wash their hands before handling food

* Employees did not wash their hands before putting on gloves.

* Chorizo was on top of a package of lettuce.

* There were dead roaches in a restroom.

* There was no certified food manager.

* There was no Heimlich poster.

Management was not available for comment, but the report shows most of the violations were corrected during the inspection.

 Durango's Restaurant at 5004 Frankford had 11 critical violation.

* Cooked food was not properly cooled.

* Cold foods were not 41 degrees or below.

* Employees' drinks did not have lids.

* Employees' did not wear gloves while handling food.

* A measuring cup was dirty.

* The hand sink was leaking and did not have a handle for cold water.

* There were no paper towels at another hand sink.

* Toxic items were next to food and utensils.

* The dish wash machine was not sanitizing.

* Bowls and to go containers were dirty.

The report shows, due to the multiple critical violations the facility did not demonstrate knowledge of food safety. Management says all violations have been corrected; according to the report most were corrected while the inspector was there.

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