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What to Do In Plainview

If you come to Plainview, you might wonder, "what else is there to see in Plainview besides the cows that are nestled in front of all the businesses in town"? There is a lot more to this city than one might see at first glance.

You'll find a place where store owners are searching the world for you; it is Old World Antiques, a 29 year old business. Store co-owner Jack Oswald shops for first class antiques in Belgium, France, Spain and Germany and brings them back to Plainview. He buys countless treasures from palaces and castles. It's a place worth visiting, just for the scenery.

Then he sells the restored pieces to people all over the nation. "In this part of the country it seems that people do like European antiques. Of course American antiques have always been popular but European antiques give you much more bang for your buck," said Oswald.

If you appreciate beauty, then check out Plainview's only art gallery. A fancy chandelier illuminates the art gallery at Wayland Baptist University. There may not be any art on the wall right now, but 11 months out of the year, you can view artwork by nationally known artists, like Norman Rockwell, Trina Schart Hyman, and Peter Hurd.

Another must see is the Fair Theatre located just North of downtown Plainview. This building was built in 1925, making it 79 years old. Back then, you could catch a vaudeville show, silent movies, stage plays and musicals. But there was another theatre just down the street that offered a bit of competition. Interest was eventually lost at the Fair Theatre, so it shut down for 30 years. Then in the late 1990's a group of Plainview leaders decided it was high time to reopen this historic theatre.

The Fair Theatre has been closely restored to it's original form. Two original balconies overhang the floor seating, and a proscenium arch was added to enlarge the stage. Today, stage shows, talent shows, musicians of all kinds and musicals grace the Fair Theatre's stage.

"We think this would be a perfect place for sand bus trips to stop and stay overnight. It's a show they can come to in the evening. We feel like a theatre is the most memorable part of a city because of the show you can enjoy," said Carolyn Larsen, Fair Theatre's coordinator.

If you're into the outdoors, NewsChannel 11 was told that pheasant hunting is very popular here in December. Hunters from all over lease farm land and hunt along treelines just outside of Plainview. Pheasant hunting is so big in Plainview, Chamber of Commerce officials say local hotels fill up quickly.

There is much more than fiberglass cows in the city of Plainview. There is plenty to see and do in this historic town besides their colorful cattle. No "bull" about it!

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