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America's #1 Snack Popped Up in Plainview More Than 60 Years Ago

It's the world's most popular selling snack food, and for 61 years it's been made right here in Plainview. Owner Jim Mock popped his first kernel at Panhandle Popcorn Company more than 20 years ago. "I was looking for a job when I got this one and I thought I would stay here until I found a real job.  I started in January of 1976 and then I bought the company in 1987 so I've been selling popcorn for awhile," says Jim.

But to Jim it isn't work."Yeah, I eat popcorn everyday," he says. "Popping popcorn is a privilege." 

"I don't think there are any that have been in business as long as we have. I'm not sure that there's anybody that does it quite like we do," says Jim.

And here it's popped the good old fashioned way. Eight hot kettles churn every three minutes with a perfect mixture of salt, oil, and kernels. Moments later, the moment of truth, as kettles burst open with hot, buttery popcorn. 

During crunch time Jim says they pop more than 2500 pounds of popcorn everyday. And the buttery treat is shipped all over the country. You can buy it at convenience stores, movie theaters, and even Neiman Marcus. 

"Our popcorn is a high-volume popcorn. It's recognized as a high-quality popcorn and it gives you volume," says Jim. Whether you buy it in bags or tins, Jim says his Panhandle popcorn is worth every penny. 

The Panhandle Popcorn Company makes butter, caramel, and cheese flavored popcorn year- round. You can taste the popcorn for yourself, just ask for it at your local grocery store or to place an order, call toll free 1-800-332-1365.

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