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Plainview Dentist Dr. Felix Crawford Retires

Our country doc from Plainview is actually a dentist.

Dr. Felix Crawford has been keeping smiles in tact for 38 years in Plainview. Somehow along the way, he's managed to travel to Washington D.C. 45 times to lobby for bills related to dentistry.

Sadly for his patients, Dr. Crawford closes his doors this week to begin his retirement. So, we salute a Plainview dentist who says his patients have really made him proud.

Dr. Crawford says that he has been very blessed to have wonderful patients in Plainview. He started out with a preventive dentistry practice to help have their teeth all their lives and they've had a response beyond their wildest dreams. He says that he is proud that they have helped the vast majority of people keep their teeth for all their lives

That's something that he will look back on with great pleasure. Dr. Crawford says he'll really miss his staff. Some have been with him there in Plainview for 30 years.

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