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Dead Birds Pose a Scare Across Lubbock

The West Nile Virus has posed another concern here in the Hub City as dead birds are spotted all over town. For the last three weeks, calls have been rolling in to Vector Control reporting dead birds and also to our "11 Listens" line, so we wanted to find out if there's a reason for people to be concerned.

Leftwich Park is just one of the places in Lubbock that Vector Control has found dead birds. But the good news is that they aren't dangerous.

For the last three weeks, Vector Control and Animal Services have been out picking up dead birds, several a day. Each day, they send the birds to a lab to be tested for West Nile, and so far, none of the birds have tested positive. That means, if you see dead birds, there is no reason to panic, but good reason to be aware.

"Just a few. I noticed a dead bird in my parents back yard, and there were also some dead birds in the park by my house," said Justin Bennett, Lubbock resident.

"During the evening, when we've walked a lot of times, we'll see little baby birds on the street or when in the yards as we're walking by," said Kathy Payne, Lubbock resident.

If you see a dead bird, the city suggests you don't pick it up with your bare hands, use a shovel or gloves at the very least, or call Vector Control at (806) 775-3110 to get the bird picked up for you.

At this time, there is no clear reason as to why the birds are dying, but the inspectors will continue to look into it and monitor for the West Nile.

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