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A Fish Tale for the Record Books

Wherever you turned today, the news was big. Saddam Hussein's sons confirmed dead. The Eiffel tower on fire, and under the waters of Lake Alan Henry, a behemoth stirred.

Just after 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, Brian Cloud and Cory Cleveland made the record books.

"We were thinking about naming him Big Al." A 41 pound catfish. Lured with a palm sized catfish, caught in a cove, a new lake record.

Five hours after being caught, Big Al was still huffing in the afternoon sun, defeated but proud. His captors recalling the battle.

"I thought the weight was hung up on a branch. He almost falls in because the fish pulls so hard. I tugged back and I'm sitting here almost in the water. I grabbed him by the pants. Brian comes up and saves me. Eventually took us about five minutes. He bit Brian a few times."

On the way to the shed, Big Al dwarfs the family dog. "That's a lot of fish."

Strung up, Big Al goes down in the record books and out on the dinner table. "We are going to eat him tonight."

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