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Census results: Good or bad news for West Texas?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Governor Rick Perry says the state's gain of four new seats in Congress shows Texas remains the best place in the nation for business and for raising a family.

In a statement, Perry says he looks forward to working with the legislature in the process of drawing these new seats into the state's district map, ensuring that Texas remains a leader in job creation and a land of opportunity for those willing to come here and risk their capital.

District 84 Representative John Frullo says even though we have gained four seats in Congress, West Texas will suffer some losses. "We at the Congressional level, as well as the State level, will have to redraw districts based on the population shift and as a whole, West Texas has lost people," said Frullo.

"At the moment we have three congressional seats and I would anticipate that we could quite easily lose one of those depending on how you draw the districts," Representative Delwin Jones said.

Texas gained more people than any other state since the 2000 census, adding four-point-three million residents but Delwin Jones says he expects the census will show West Texas is going to lose political voting strength, because a majority of the growth happened along the I-35 corridor from Dallas to San Antonio.

"So the possibilities of their being additional seats added are gonna occur in those areas they will not occur in the Lubbock area," Jones said.

Jones expects the increase in people will require house districts to have a population of about 168,000. Currently the South Plains has about 128,000 in each district.

"So where do you get 40,000 more people to put in those districts, its not here. so the answer to that is you have to consolidate districts to meet population standards," Jones said.

Newly elected Representative John Frullo says despite the loss, he'll work to make sure the voice of the South Plains is heard.

"What we have to do is work together with the other state legislators and make sure we find like minded people who work well together; as a group to make sure our concerns are met," Frullo said.

Representative Frullo says he expects that lawmakers wont take up redistricting until more detailed census details are released.

The redistricting vote is not scheduled until April 1st.

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