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HealthWise at 5 From 7.23

  • Ecotru

Ecotru, by Envirosystems, was recently certified by the Boeing Company for use on commercial aircraft. The disinfecting cleaner is a product that is attracted to bacteria, fungi and viruses by electrostatic energy. These smart bombs attack the microbes and kill germs without toxic hazards to humans. Airlines are signing up to use this non-irritating cleaner, which was recently proved to be effective against the SARS-related Corona Virus.

  • Amputee Cyclist

For the first time, a man with an amputated leg is competing in the America By Bicycle Tour, a 52 day journey from San Francisco to New Hampshire. That's about 3,000 miles on a bike. Forty-one year old Dan Sheret of North Carolina is cycling with more than 40 others. They all have legs. But Dan has a new artificial leg called the Harmony. Every time Dan pushes down on the pedal, a pump on his artificial limb draws air out of the socket so his leg works in a total vacuum because there's no resistance and no discomfort. Dan says that he has such great pro-perception that he forgets that her doesn't have a real leg. The Harmony is made by Otto Bock. It is available in Lubbock at the Artificial Limb Company.

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