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HealthWise at 5 From 7.25

  • Kids' Brain Tumors

A new research institute at Duke University may help kids win the battle against brain tumors. A $6 million award given by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation helps establish a tissue bank of childhood brain tumors at the new institute. The tissue bank can give researchers the chance to test and genetically analyze childhood tumors. Results from those tests could yield new and less invasive treatments for other kids.

  • Stress Acne

How many times have you heard people blame their acne on stress? A study of college students confirms that stress is often the reason for pimples popping up. Researchers at Stanford University say the students all reported that their acne worsened during exam time or other periods of stress, even when other issues were considered like lack of sleep or diet. The stress factor kept strong. It's estimated that 85% of the population battles the breakouts at some time in their life. Researchers say their findings add to the growing body of evidence that stress can impact the severity of illnesses. The research was conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine and is published in the Archives of Dermatology , one of the Jama/Archive Journals.

  • Early Parkinson's Study

A nationwide study may be beneficial to Parkinson's patients who have been diagnosed in the last five years. The precept Early Parkinson's Study will use a medication called CEP-1347 to see if it can stop the destruction of brain neurons that produce dopamine. The progressive loss of these dopamine-producing cells results in symptoms related to Parkinson's disease, like tremors, rigid movements or balance problems. (Click here)  to learn more about this study.

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