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War Against Ice Cream

The group that blasted movie popcorn, Chinese food and pizza is back on the nutrition war path. This time their target is ice cream, claiming that America's love for big fat scoops is giving us super sized waistlines.

Nutritionist Jane Hurley says that an empty chocolate dipped cone from Ben and Jerry's is equal to a half rack of baby back ribs.

It's that kind of decadence that's coming under fire. The Center for Science in the Public Interest says it wants more nutrition labels in ice cream parlors so customers will know what kind of fat and calories they're piling on that cone. It's probably no surprise that this new campaign is getting a chilly response from the Dairy Association and ice cream lovers.

The CSPI says it's okay to enjoy ice cream, just make smart choices. That the healthiest way to enjoy America's favorite treat is to stick to low-fat, low-calorie alternatives like sorbet or frozen yogurt.

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