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HealthWise at 5 From 7.28

  • Thunderstorm Warning

A University of Pittsburgh study found that men are more that twice as likely to die in thunderstorm- related incidents than women. The researchers pored over seven years of data related to thunderstorm deaths. Flash floods claimed the most number of victims, followed by lightning strikes. Of the total number of thunderstorm related deaths, 70 percent of fatalities were men.

  • Aches and Pains

This is one of the most common questions patients ask their doctor after an injury: do you use ice or heat? The answer from Dr. Robert Gotlin is... you use both.

Dr. Gotlin says that the most common sense thing to do is use ice from 24 to 48 hours followed by heat. However, if you find when you sprain your ankle or your back is pulled, that heat works better, it's fine. There really is no rule. The most common injuries this time of year are sprains or strains. Here's the difference. This is a knee joint. Ligaments hold the bones together. When they're injured, it's called a sprain. When muscles are injured it's called a strain. But whether a doctor diagnoses a sprain or a strain, the result is the same: pain and swelling. So, many patients ask if they should use a wrap, like an ace bandage. Dr. Gotlin says that may help psychologically... but it won't do much to treat the injury. His advice is don't let soreness or pain get you for too long. If it persists for a couple of weeks, you should see a doctor.

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