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The Whizzers: Does It Work?

Well, since we were in Lamesa for our community coverage tour, I thought, what the heck, why not bring Does It Work product here. I mean, I have plenty of people to choose from that could help me test out the Whizzers.

Ok, we have a couple of prospects on the courthouse steps. We'll see if some of these ladies are willing to help me test the Whizzers. "Is there anything about this product you've seen that you might like?" said NewsChannel 11. "Only if they really cut. You know how some scissors get clogged and jammed up. If they work that would be great!" said our tester.

Our tester sews regularly and says she a coupon cutter. And to her, a good pair of scissors are a must.

Wait until she get's a load of these battery powered scissors. "Yes it is. Don't get your fingers caught in it!" she said.

Let's cut right to it. First on paper. It didn't do that bad. Now denim. It was a little tricky. But once we cut through the thick hem, it was easier. "Well, it goes through single thickness," said our tester.

Now the khaki pants. Ooops! The Whizzers got stuck again and again.

There's nothing whiz about this pair of sciz!

"What kind of grade would you give this?" "One through ten? A six. Because it would be real hard to cut fabric unless you have maybe two people or a lot of tension on it like on a flat surface," she said.

Our expert says, don't buy it because it Doesn't Work.

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