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Miss Texas USA: The Swimsuit Competition

The world of news is primarily filled with tragedy and ruin. Of death and destruction. A beach-full of beautiful women is as far away as you can get from that. "All of the women here are gorgeous," said one woman.

Miss Texas USA. A beauty pageant where good looks are complemented by the grit and determination that characterize the lone star state. "I broke my toe about a week ago," said Brooke McDaniels. But you won't see any pain on her face, just smiles. "It probably needs another week and a half to recover, but it looks pretty good and I'm in high heels today," she said.

"Oh my God, the sacrifice in getting here," added another contestant. The entry fee is $1,200. Money which Raedelynn Daniel almost couldn't raise. "One of my sponsors had a problem and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to come," she said. But she found a way, because for all of the contestants, underneath the beauty is brains and brawn. Of course, the beauty is abundant.

"Hundreds of women in bikini's, walking around, it's intimidating," said one contestant. "For me?," replied a nervous reporter. "No, for us," she laughed.

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