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South Plains travelers feel ripple effects of airline delays

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - While there are no snowy runways in Lubbock, some travelers still felt the ripple effect of delays as they headed back to the South Plains.

Erma Miller was one of many passengers who didn't get to the Hub City on time. "I was supposed to get here at 11:15 and I got here at a quarter to 5," she said.

"Supposed to get into Lubbock at 8:45 last night and ended up just getting in now at 3:45," Nathan Carlson said.

Airlines felt the effect of the blizzard in the Northeast. It caused delays all across the county.

Ana Adams was delayed in Michigan, and nearly missed her flight to Lubbock from Memphis. "Once I got to Tennessee, I had to rush through the airport because they wouldn't hold my flight, and I just barely made it. They were pulling out of the gate getting ready to leave once I got there," she said.

Her boyfriend, Luke Brower, was traveling also. He has to work first thing Tuesday morning in Denver City, so he couldn't afford to miss his flight. "If something happens it happens but [it's] less money in my pocket."

Carlson actually did miss work. "I had to get with my boss last night and let him know my flight was canceled. That was kind of a hassle and I didn't want to do that because I'm a new employee," he told us.

He was supposed to repair a company car Monday, and now his company has to reimburse another worker for the use of their personal car. "The company lost money. I lost money from not working yesterday, and I'm going to be kind of behind at work."

It was a hectic day for these travelers and everyone we spoke to was just happy to be back on the ground.

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