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Closing Down South Toledo Ave.

On Thursday, the Lubbock City Council voted to close the south entrance on Toledo Avenue. It's a major throughway into the Coronado neighborhood with more than 200 homes in it. The question debated was how would emergency vehicles have access into this neighborhood once this entrance is closed?

The Lubbock City Council debated for over one hours whether or not to close down Toledo Ave. Toledo is the only south entrance into the neighborhood. A sound proof wall will block the avenue and that's what the residents in the area want.

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They say it's the only way to completely block out noise from the soon to be Marsha Sharp Freeway. "What we're asking for you to do today is to take the motion and have an emergency entrance only," said Resident and Neighborhood Association President, Kevin Elmore.

The council voted unanimously to give the residents what they wanted. To close Toledo. Even though the police and fire chiefs believed keeping Toledo open is best for the safety of those residents.

"The point is, you want the best security, the best access, but there are always compromises in life. This freeway, when it's built, nobody's going to be able to go across the freeway anyway," said Councilman Tom Martin.

Now the sound-proof wall is being considered for construction closer to the proposed highway instead of the original idea of having along 22 Place. That way, residents say they will have room to develop right-a-way property for park. An idea these residents like that would improve quality of life.

But both of those requests will cost more money than projected. Two projects the Texas Department of Transportation told the council they will not pay.

So now, it's up to the residents to come up with money through their own taxes for the Public Improvement District (PID). "We gave the residents until December 1st to get their PID filed with the city signed by the residents committing them to tax themselves to pay for the cost of raising the wall, moving it closer to the freeway and taking that surplus land and making it into a park," said Martin.

Those extra changes would cost at least $85,000. A cost these residents will have to split up. As far as Toledo Avenue, councilman Martin proposed that the road be closed as soon as possible.

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