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The ABCD's of Moles

At eight months pregnant, Maureen Graham has more on her mind than skin cancer. Eventually, when she asked the doctor about a mole on her foot, she found out it was a melanoma.

While melanoma accounts for only about 4% of all skin cancer cases, it is the reason for most skin cancer deaths.

"It terrified me quite frankly," says Maureen Graham, melanom

"It's not how large the melanoma is. It's actually how deep the melanoma goes," says Dr. Paul Stanislaw, plasti

Maureen had her mole removed, but she's lucky she found it early before it spread. The best way to check your moles is to remember the ABCD warning.

A is for Asymmetric: One side looks different than the other side.

B is for Border: If it's irregular, that's not good. Normal moles have a smooth round border.

C is for Color. If it's not the same color but has some areas that are darker or even whiter, that's a concern.

D is for Diameter. Moles should not be larger than 6 millimeters, which is about the size of a pencil eraser.

So, if you have a mole that fits into that ABCD warning, show it to a doctor as soon as possible.

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