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July Recall Round-Up

The following items were recalled during the month of July. Check the list to see if any dangerous products are lurking in your home.

Birth Control Pills

Barr Laboratories is recalling three batches of its Nortrel 7-7-7 birth control pills. The pills may not be packaged in the proper sequence and women using them may be at a higher risk of pregnancy. The company is asking consumers to check for the proper green, blue, peach, and white color sequence in the four rows of pills in each packet. You also need to check lot numbers on the upper right hand corner of the back of pill packs.

The recall involves lot numbers 290122001, 290122002 and 290122003. Manufacturers say they will replace out of sequence pill packs at no charge and will pay for a pregnancy test for any woman who purchased and used out of sequence pills. The company asks customers to take out of sequence packs to a pharmacist for replacement packs.

If you have any questions, contact your doctor or pharmacist. You can also call Barr Labs at 1-800-222-0190 or ( click here ).

Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex is recalling 2.7 million slow cookers. The company says the product's handles can break causing hot liquids in the cooker to spill. There have been close to 5,000 reports of handles breaking. At least two people had to seek medical attention for burns. The cookers were sold in various shapes, colors and sizes at prices from $15 to $45. You can return a recalled cooker to the store where purchased for a new one.

For more information call Hamilton Beach at 1-800-429-6363.

Car Seat

Cosco is recalling the Turnabout Infant Car Seat. The carrier's plastic handle locks can break apart, causing the seat to unlatch or flip forward. When this happens, the infant falls out and gets injured. More than 400 people have reported the defect and nine children have been hurt. This recall only affects carriers made before January 31, 2000.

To find out which model numbers are recalled, ( click here ).

Cordless Drill

Black and Decker is recalling 265,000 cordless drills and drivers. The drill's switch may overheat and cause a fire. The company knows of 20 instances where the drills melted, smoked or sparked a fire.

The 18-volt drills are orange or jade-colored. Stores sold the drills from September 1997 to February 2002 for $50 to $80. The only model numbers affected are C-D 1800, P-S 3700, P-S 3725 and P-S 3750. Only certain date codes are affected so check the bottom of the battery. If your drill is part of the recall, stop using it and remove the battery.

Call Black and Decker at 1-866-821-5444 for a free repair or ( click here ).

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