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Woman Finds Hope and Home Through Power of Prayer

Coming from a broken home herself, Prencess Sneed struggled to make ends meet and prayed for a decent home for her children to grow up. Her quest to be a home owner started with her faith in God and the power of prayer.

"Before I moved into the house itself I stayed in a 2 bedroom home, we had 1 bath, the living room was small. I actually moved into the home from a bad relationship so to bring my kids up right and live right according to God," says Prencess Sneed who found hope in the Power of Prayer.

You could say Prencess Sneed has had a hard life. Her mother was killed when she was a baby. She bounced in a out of foster homes for most of adolescence. Until she was adopted by a Christian couple who taught her the power of prayer.

"Their church the people I didn't even know because they grew so close to me they volunteered their house and helped me build my house," says Sneed.

But even before the first nail was hammered on her house, Prencess did some soul searching.

"I had to make up my mind whether I was going to serve God fully or if I was gonna half step. How can you expect for God to bless you with this but yet you do things you're not suppose to do so once I made up my mind I'm gonna do what I'm suppose to do as far as financially, spiritually," says Sneed.

That was 5 years ago, and since then she's turned her life over to God completely.

"And everything just came into place. And her prayers about owning a home were answered. I used to think it was tough but to me when you learn on how to serve God, it's like when you need something it's there," says Sneed.

And now she instills these same principles she missed out on into her children.

"I involve prayer with them a lot. They know as far as everyday living they apply how they treat people to the Bible," says Sneed.

Small tokens of God's blessings are found inside and outside. Reminding them constantly of the power of prayer.

"My kids know when things come they don't look at it as a man gave it to us they're like god blessed us with this. I think prayer is powerful. He's blessed me with a wonderful home. It's just amazing," says Sneed.

Prencess is giving back to those who were in her same situation. She's picked up a hammer in helping habitat for humanity build more homes for families. If you know someone whose life has been touched by the power of prayer email us at- power of prayer.kcbd.com

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