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Tech fans enjoy a win with the New Year

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – It's a new year for Texas Tech football, starting the year off right with a win against the Northwestern Wildcats in the Ticketcity Bowl Game. Those who couldn't make it to Dallas made their way to venues across Lubbock to catch the game. 

"They definitely got here nice and early," said Billy Britton, General Manager of Buffalo Wild Wings. "We opened at 10:34a.m. and they were already at the door waiting."

To go along with the New Year, Texas Tech played in a new bowl game under a new coach. "First annual new bowl game it was a great venue for Texas Tech to play at. Tubberville's first season he took us to a bowl game like he said he would," said fan Joe Esparza.

Spotted among the cheering fans decked in red and black at Buffalo Wild Wings, ex-Tech wide receiver Nehemiah Glover watched his Red Raiders take home the win. "Once you go to Tech, you always come back to Tech. I don't live here anymore I live in Austin, but I'm here for the weekend enjoying myself," said Glover. "I played under Mike Leech personally, but he's not here so I'm still a red raider no matter what. I'm behind Tubberville 100%."

But it wasn't completely a blow out like many expected with the board showing numbers closer than some would like. Final score – 45 to 38. "Very close game it was great. There was a lot of excitement, a lot of scoring, and a lot of offense. We're hoping the defense will come up next year," said Esparza.

With another bowl game win under their belt, Tech fans are looking forward to another year of great football. "There's a lot of promise. Coach Leach came and gone and he was near and dear to many here in Lubbock," said Esparza. "But Tubberville he promises to make a good appearance, and take us to another level. It's just another step for Texas Tech and Texas Tech football."

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