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Consider This: Radioactive Waste in West Texas?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Last month I mentioned I was frustrated with the impending decision to allow a majority of the nation to store their radioactive waste here in West Texas. I also questioned the protesting process.

Well apparently I was not alone. A group of environmental folks took legal action. They claimed the protesting process was too short and flawed. And an email address to send feedback wasn't even valid. Well this week a federal judge struck down those concerns by dismissing the lawsuit and allowing state regulators to vote. And surprise, surprise…it passed. This now clears the way for 36 states to send their radioactive waste right to our backyard. I should also mention the waste control company, based in Dallas, has a majority owner that reportedly is a billionaire and a major political donor.

Consider This:

While I would expect Texans to put up a bigger fight against allowing more waste into the Lone Star State, I'm not surprised how it happened. This is a classic example of how nothing will stand in the way of money and power. This is a few powerful, politically connected people making major decisions for the entire state. And I'm certain no amount of public protest would have slowed or stopped it. The only real recourse we have as West Texans is to speak out to our elected officials, ask questions, and demand answers. If you would like to get a hold of government officials:

Senator Robert Duncan

P.O. Box 12068

Capitol Station Austin, Texas 78711

(512) 463-0128

Toll Free (800) 322-9538

State Representative John Frullo

Room E.1 506 Capitol Extension

P.O. Box 2910 Austin,Texas 78701

(512) 463-0676


State Representative Charles Perry

Room CAP 3S.2

Capitol P.O. box 2910 Austin, TX 78701


Fax (512) 463-0671

State Representative Jim Landtroop

PO Box 1965 Plainview, Texas 79703 (806)288-0387

Fax (806)288-7890

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