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Lubbock Traffic Collisions on the Rise

It's a message Lubbock police officers can't stress enough and once again, we're here to help spread the message of slowing down, and take precautions while driving through construction zones.

Patrol Captain Rick Foster says you should keep at least two car lengths between you and car in front of you. It's a good idea to practice that while you're driving through construction zones.

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Cones, cars, and construction. "Right now, there's construction all over the place," said patrolman, Adam Gutierrez.

That's right and expect the construction to be a part of your commute for a while. But police suggest to find a different route all together because then you take yourself out of potential risk of a traffic crash. "Some of the construction will back up real fast and before you know it, you come over any of these overpasses and the traffic is right there in front of you. Slow down ahead of time," Officer Gutierrez said.

He says he's written 10 tickets today (Monday.) He's clocked drivers doing 20 miles per hour over the construction zone speed limit. On the loop, police say the speed limit has been reduced to 50 miles per hour.

Police officers say more people just aren't paying attention to construction hazards. And the numbers reflect that. For instance, take a look at the number of collisions last year compared to this year. Lubbock police have already reported 446 more traffic collisions this year. 91 more people have been hurt in those crashes this year. And 4 more people have died. Remember, the year's not even over yet.

So the message? "Slow down while ahead of time," suggests Gutierrez. If you're not doing the speed limit, you may get your chance to meet officer Gutierrez in person. Because he, along with more enforcement officers are out there cracking down on reckless drivers.

Remember, if you are speeding or in violation of traffic laws in construction zones, you could be paying double in fines. Only if construction workers are present though.

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