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Missing teen's grandmothers speak out, pray that she's safe

By Michael Slother - email

SNYDER, TX (KCBD) - It's been 9 days since family and friends have seen or heard from 13-year-old Hailey Dunn. Wednesday, the FBI joined the investigation.

As investigators searched Dunn's mother Billie Jean's home in Colorado City, her father Clint spoke with authorities for hours in Snyder.

Hailey has 2 grandmothers who also live there; they haven't seen her since Christmas. They say they won't stop hoping and praying until she's found.

Connie Jones, one of Hailey's grandmothers, changed her answering machine. It's a special message for Hailey. We listened to a portion of the message. "I'm staying home as much as I can in hopes that you call me. I love you my baby."

Jones worries that someone has her granddaughter. "I think someone's took her because Hailey, she's a home person."

In that home in Colorado City, Hailey lives with Billie Jean and her mother's boyfriend Shawn Adkins. Adkins was the last person to see Hailey. On Wednesday Colorado City City Manager Pete Kampfer said Adkins took a lie detector test.

Jones said Hailey didn't care much for Adkins. "She don't like Shawn being there; but she wants her mom and dad to go back together," she said.

Hailey's mother and father separated 3 years ago; Jones says the divorce was hard on Hailey.

Connie Ostrander is Hailey's other grandmother in Snyder. "I just don't understand this because she doesn't do this. She's not the type to run away," she said.

Ostrander has this message for Hailey: "Please just come home. We miss you so much. We love you; we need you here with us. If you get this, please Hailey, come home."

Authorities have yet to determine if Hailey was abducted or if she ran away. On Wednesday they were searching a shed behind her mother's house; an area neighbors say she spent a lot of time. "Every day, a lot, she would always be back there on the phone," a neighbor told us.

In both grandmothers' homes, pictures of Hailey are everywhere. They serve as a constant reminder for them to pray and hope for the best. "Please if you know anything please contact the police, 911, anything," Ostrander said.

"I want her home, she's been gone too long, and they say after so long she might not come home," said Jones

Kampfer said authorities made a lot of progress from Tuesday. While they have not named any persons of interest, he says they've narrowed down to a focus group of individuals that may know more information.

If you have any information on Hailey's whereabouts, call Colorado City police at (325)-728-5294.

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