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Relief Band May Help Morning Sickness

Getting pregnant is usually a happy occasion, but morning sickness can be less than joyous.

Normally, that queazy feeling peaks in the first three months, but for some people, the nausea is a serious problem that lasts much longer. The standard fix is to eat crackers and avoid spicy foods.

But some women today are turning to a new device for help, called a Relief Band. It's worn like a watch and delivers electrical impulses to acupressure points on the wrist. Those signals travel up to the brain where they are supposed to alleviate feelings of nausea.

"We found that patients who use this device seem to improve their symptoms of mild to moderate nausea. They had less episodes of dehydration and there was weight gain, during the pregnancy, during that time period, which normally you have less weight gain," says Dr. Andrei Rebarber, OB-GYN.

"It just takes that edge off the nausea. Where you feel okay, maybe now you can go ahead and try to eat something that adds to helping," says Jennifer Barrett.

I couldn't find the relief band here in Lubbock yet, but one pharmacist told me the Sea-Band is similar, and you can get it for about $10. But of course, if you're pregnant, talk to your doctor first before trying any of these.

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