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Congressman Neugebauer speaks out on Arizona shooting spree


By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – While the investigation continues on the shooting spree in Tucson, Arizona that killed six people, Congressman Randy Neugebauer speaks out on the tragedy that has left his colleague U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition.

"Gabby and I have had a nice relationship the last few years and I was extremely distressed when I heard that she had been shot today," said Neugebauer. "She's a great lady, smart, very personable. I was outraged that someone would commit an act like that."

Neugebauer serves on the same science committee with Giffords and said regardless of political views he said this shooting has brought all sides together. 

"We're all colleagues and certainly this is a sad day for America that some people would use that method to express themselves instead of using a ballot," said Neugebauer. "I think it brings us all together because bottom line this is the people's House and today was obviously a sad day for myself and my colleagues because one of our own was attacked."

Neugebauer also said he refuses to let an incident like this keep him from his voters and holding gatherings.  "Let me be clear on one thing is the founders were very clear about the House of Representatives. That it's the people's house and while this is a very tragic event today it's certainly not going to deter myself or I believe other members of congress from having town hall meetings, and meetings with their constituents," he said.

While it won't keep him away from his voters, Neugebauer believes this will call for more security during those gatherings and town hall meetings.

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