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LPD: Ice from sprinkler runoff a factor in crash

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -   A Lubbock apartment complex receives a warning from the codes department after police trace ice on the roads to a sprinkler system on their property. Accident investigators believe the slippery ice contributed to an early morning crash. Texas Tech student Ryan Scoggins, 21, is hospitalized in critical condition after officers say his car hit a tree near 66th and Quaker around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning.

"If your landscaping is covered in ice it is pretty easy to tell if it is in violation or not," said City of Lubbock Code Manager Stuart Walker. Walker enforces ordinances across the city but one becomes popular this time of the year. It's against the city code to run your sprinklers when temperatures drop below 35 degrees.

Tuesday morning his team went to Courtyards by the Lake, an apartment complex on Quaker off the South Loop. The team gave the written complex a warning about their sprinkler system after an overnight accident. Lubbock police say Scoggins drove across a patch of ice and slammed into a tree.

While the sprinklers were not running when police got to the scene, accident investigators say they traced the icy path to the sprinklers on the Courtyards property.

The ice, according to the police report, stretched across both South bound lanes of Quaker. Police are also investigating speed and alcohol as possible factors.

Lt. Jon Caspell said an officer investigating a different accident, with no injuries, on Monday morning near the same intersection asked dispatchers to call the complex and ask them to turn off their sprinklers.

Walker said 66th and Quaker is an area that his department receives a lot of calls about. "We have tracked the water in that intersection all the way back into the neighborhoods. It is easy to point fingers at the businesses in the area but they may or may not have been the ones in violation."

Police and Walker hope that people take the time to check their sprinkler systems so no one walking or driving slips or skids.

The city sent a salt truck to the scene to clear up the ice. KCBD did reach out to the apartment complex manager who did not want to comment about the situation.

The city asks that you give them a call if you see frozen landscape or icy roads from water runoff at 806-775-3952.

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