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The HD Vision Sunglasses: Does It Work?

Everything's coming up amber with a so-called special type of sunglasses. They're actually called the High Definition or HD Vision Sunglasses. And the makers claim their pair of shades give you the ultimate clarity. Well seeing is believing right?

Let's ask a few people what they think of these $10 sunglasses.

"Have you ever heard of the HD Vision Sunglasses?" asked NewsChannel 11 to one Lubbock man. "No," he said quizzical. "Apparently, they give you clarity and protect your eyes at the same time. So you're able to see things better like HD television," NC 11 explained. "So, you want to try them on and compare?" we asked him. He did. "I would say they're brighter. But I don't think they're clearer,"he said after examining the sunglasses.

Let's see what some other people think. "What do you think honestly," NC 11 asked Ann Cashel, who was on her way to the grocery store. "I think they're pretty good. It's darker so it's blocking out something," she told us.

"Oh, day and night! They are good," said Sharon Barber, who we stopped in the United Supermarkets parking lot.

"Ah, that's pretty clear but it's bright," said Mony Farrar, another United shopper.

"It's a lot clearer and brighter. It still blocks the sun. It blocks a lot of the glare," said Courtney Shaw, who was on her way home from shopping. "Not bad?" NC 11 asked her. "Yeah, pretty good," Courtney told us.

What a minute. Four out of five people gave it thumbs up? I had to try them out for myself. And guess what? It was hard to decide if these sunglasses were just pulling fast one over all of us. So, I decided to take them to the expert.

Doctor Steven Mathews is an Ophthalmologist in Lubbock. He gave those sunglasses more than just a glance. And you know what he told us? The claims are overblown. "The HD Vision Sunglasses are a string of amber lenses. They tend to block blue light which gives you the impression of increased clarity. But all of the scientific studies done on amber sunglasses hasn't shown whether they measure visual acuity or index of resolution," he said.

Interesting. So basically, the good doc is saying, we were blindly ripped off. The HD Vision Sunglasses can hit the high road. It doesn't work.

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