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Documents reveal new information about missing Colorado City teen

Colorado City, TX (KCBD) - KTXS News in Abilene obtained documents that reveal new information about Hailey's mother Billie Dunn and her former boyfriend, Shawn Adkins.

 Through the freedom of information act - KTXS got copies of affidavits containing facts discovered by law enforcement and statements made by Billie Dunn, Shawn Adkins, and others. According to the affidavits Adkins threatened the lives of both Hailey and Billie Dunn in February of last year.

Authorities found a box at Adkins and Dunn's home containing documents about serial killers, motives for murder, including killing family members. Some of the documents were fictional. Also, Dunn and Adkins hosted a New Year's Eve party at their home just three days after Billie Dunn reported Hailey missing.

 After Hailey's mom volunteered to take a lie detector test the affidavit states that Dunn showed up under the influence of narcotics. On her second attempt, the documents show investigators found her to be deceptive. When Shawn Adkins took the polygraph test, officials said he failed especially concerning Hailey's whereabouts.

KCBD Newschannel 11 will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments.

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