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Officials confirm Adkins as one of the "persons of interest," missing teen

COLORADO CITY, TX (KCBD) - According to Colorado City authorities, 'persons of interest' have been identified in the disappearance of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn.   Late Wednesday afternoon, no names were released. 

According to affidavits, Adkins made threats to Hailey and Billie in February 2010. Billie says the threats were only directed to her.

"He was calling and telling me we were going to be together whether I like it or not. He made threats to me, never made threats towards Hailey or David," she said.

The affidavit said Adkins admitted to making threats towards Billie and Hailey. While Billie denies Adkins making threats on Hailey's life, she said Hailey didn't care for him. "In the very beginning, Hailey didn't like Shawn at all. She told me and Shawn that. She [Hailey] was told she don't have to like him, but you have to be respectful," said Billy.

Billie's mother-in-law Connie Jones said even after Billie separated from her son Clint Dunn, Billie still came to her house. "She was scared of him. She came over here and spent the night a night or two to get away from him," Jones said.

When questioned by investigators about who they should be looking at, Adkins told investigators they should look at himself and Billie. Billie wasn't sure why Adkins would say that. We then asked her if she had concerns about Adkins with respect to her daughter. "In the beginning, I definitely didn't think he'd do anything to hurt my daughter or have anything to do with her disappearance. As time went on and I'm talked to and talked to, I just don't know where Hailey is. I feel it's better that he stays in Dunn until we get things cleared up,"

Dunn is just 15 miles from Colorado City. In a press release, investigators said they're keeping 24-hour surveillance of persons of interest.

The affidavit also said authorities found books, films, and other items about murders in a box in a closet Billie and Adkins shared. Billie said watching horror and comedy films are just hobbies.

The documents revealed there was a report of a New Year's Eve party at Billie's house, days after Hailey's disappearance. Billie denied the party and said it was just family and friends concerned about Hailey. In the affidavit, Shawn said they ‘just had a few friends over to the house to have drinks on New Year's Eve.'

Authorities wouldn't tell us if Billie was also person of interest.  Adkins was the only person confirmed as a person of interest, thought no arrests have been made.

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