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Food for Thought Report 7.31

Almost 30 city and county kitchens were on the agenda for city inspectors this week. And what they found makes for a short edition of NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought.

Food for Thought 7.31
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 7/31/03.
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Whataburger at 8226 University is the only restaurant on the list this time with four critical violations.

  • Salad mix appeared to be spoiled.
  • There was improper handling of ready to eat foods, an employee was not washing their hands or using hand sanitizer before handling ready to eat items such as biscuits.
  • There was cross contamination potential due to improper storage of a wiping cloth. An employee left a wiping cloth on the counter for an extended period of time then wiped a food contact surface.
  • Food contact surfaces were not being properly washed, rinsed and sanitized; utensils were being used and then left soiled for extended periods of time.

The Manager at Whataburger tells NewsChannel 11 they try very hard to meet health department standards, it's an ongoing process and they are working very hard to correct things for the future. The report shows all critical violations were corrected on site.

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