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Plainview Youth Group Builds Up Their Faith through Power of Prayer

One Plainview youth group is not relaxing this summer, but they are reaching out to serve others. Harvest Christian Fellowship in Plainview is made up of a group of teenage soldiers of god. These kids tirelessly march their way through the city making run-down houses look new again, and the strength behind their hard labor is the Power of Prayer.

"Prayer that we can get it done in time and efficiently," says Seth Cabrera.

For Harvest Christian Fellowship, prayer is the center of everything they do. It's even the first step in taking on a community project.

"Prayer is very important, cause without prayer nothing works," says 12 year-old Stephanie Galvan.

And they're learning first-hand just how powerful prayer can be. Every summer they hold the Sons and Daughters Boot Camp. It's a week to fellowship with one another and complete projects throughout the community.

"Monday, we come in and get settled. Tuesday is a training day and Wednesday and Thursday we're out on the streets," says youth leader Alecha Sheppard.

They begin all their projects just like any other, with a group prayer.

"We're gonna pray for their finances and the leadership here," Alecha prays.

Then, armed with step-ladders and paint brushes, they give this run down center for Girl Scouts a facelift, replacing damaged siding, scraping away old paint, and adding a fresh coat.

"This is our service project. We do it to help out the community to show that we care and just express or basically show our love for people, cause God shows us -- we just want to give it back to people," says 15 year-old Seth Cabrera.

And after three days of elbow grease and fresh paint, the center looks new again. And these kids say all that work was well worth it. This new building is not only the fruit of hard labor but evidence of their renewed faith in the Power of Prayer.

"I've learned that God has moved in my life because before this I was nothing. I was rude and ugly and God has shown me how much I can do by doing this," says Stephanie.

"It's a blessing to us because it gives is a sense of reward that we accomplished something and that we can show other people that we're just young people and look how much we can do in three days," says Seth.

Youth leader Alecha Sheppard says the group is working on making their community projects a monthly ritual. Already, they do what's called prayer walks where weekly they travel through the city, door-to-door to answer prayer requests in the community.

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