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A Ride For Life For Tech Students

Texas Tech students can take a ride for their life and Citibus is helping. It's a fairly new program available right now for Tech students who are out late on campus. It's a big push by members of the Texas Tech student government. It's to protect students from being attacked or raped on campus.

Although this service has been around for sometime, this is the first year Citibus is proving the service. And you're about to find out the key element to this story.

"Is there any point in time when you're walking alone at night by yourself?" asked NewsChannel 11 to Tech Junior Erin Mayoh. "Yeah. When I'm walking to the library and coming home around 2 a.m.. It's pretty scary. I know some girls who were attacked," Mayoh responded.

Texas Tech student Erin Mayoh doesn't know she can ride the bus to her car safely to avoid from being scared at night. "Take a look at that bus. Did you know there's a number you can call if you need a ride to your car?" we asked her. "I didn't know that. I knew there was a bus that goes around but didn't know you can call it. I would use it too," she told us.

But there are Tech students who are finding out more and more about this safe night ride. "They phone us, we dispatch the vehicle to whichever building they're calling from and we take them wherever they need to go," said Melinda Harvey, Director of Services for Citibus.

Between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., Citibus has one of their smaller buses circulating on campus. Randy Thomas with Citibus says it can be there in five minutes. "We keep it on campus but we go up to 4th St. where the Heritage Apartments are. A lot of calls go to Heritage, we drop a lot at the shelter right there at Heritage Apartments," he said.

This fall, it will be the second full semester the 'Knight Ride' has been in route. Student government members are passing out key rings to students. It has the numbers printed on the ring, so students can always have it with them. "I think it's awesome. I think it's a really good idea. It doesn't make sense to be walking alone at anytime," said Tech Senior, Natalie Hudgins.

The Texas Tech library does not have the number posted for those who don't know the number, but did say they will post the sign before the Fall semester starts.

Citibus says both men and women use the service and that up to 300 people have rode the bus in one night.

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