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Parking Lot Security Increases at South Plains Mall for Tax Free Weekend

NewsChannel 11 scanned the parking lots of the South Plains Mall to see if shoppers are taking precautions so their cars won't be broken into.

We found a portable car CD player in the back seat in plain view. We also found a duffel bag in the front seat, a Walkman and cell phone in plain sight. Someone was trusting enough to leave money crunched in the console of a SUV. Lubbock police say all of these examples are an open invitation for car thieves.

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Katie Conner is taking a break from shopping, relieving herself of too many bags. Katie says she always takes precautions, especially now that car thieves are breaking into more vehicles. "I read the article in the paper this morning about cars being broken into. Well it scares me to think it happened in a parking lot like that (Water Rampage)," said Katie.

And because of the crime and the big shopping weekend, security manager Rusty Brooks will have more security. We're talking real cops who are driving these security vans around the parking lots. "I hope to ensure that we do not have the problems that other places are having," says Brooks. Brooks added that at most, they can have as many as 21 car break-ins at the mall a week.

So, the advice he has: be smart about storing your belongings. You're trunk is the safest bet. Brooks also says it takes a seasoned car thief under two minutes to break in a vehicle and steal your belongings. Lubbock police say some car thieves are even checking for unlocked cars. So, if your car is broken into or if anything is missing call 911.

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