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Bus carrying Tech students goes up in flames, no injuries

Cell phone images, courtesy of eyewitnesses Cell phone images, courtesy of eyewitnesses

By James Clark and Alex Butler - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Some Texas Tech students say their bus caught on fire during a trip to Colorado.  The students were returning Monday from a skiing trip when the bus caught fire.  Several of the students on board were members of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Ross Brock spoke with KCBD News Channel 11 on his cell phone and gave us an eyewitness account of what happened.

"I'm in the 2nd row from the front of the bus and I see smoke and everyone in the back just stand up cause I'm thinking we just have to get out of here cause we don't know if its going to blow up," Ross Brock said.

The bus left from Telluride, Colorado at about 10 o'clock Mountain time and the students were just an hour into the trip home when the bus stalled.

"We hear someone yell its smoking there's smoke! So everyone just runs outside and we tried to get as far away as possible," Brock said.

He said it was only a few minutes before the smoke turned into a very serious fire and destroyed most of their belongings. 

"There were a couple of bags on the floor boards that made it but that whole area above the seats got torched."

Brock says they had no way to call 911 because they had no cell phone service. "There's no service where we are and so luckily a couple of locals who stopped by. One of them ended up having service and they called 911."

"From the site we got buses to take us backwards about 5 minutes and we've been in this town for about five hours," Russ Brock said.

He is happy everyone is ok, but after this incident he doesn't plan to take a bus trip again anytime soon. "I don't plan on going on another charter bus, unless I have to. I definitely don't want to."

Cell phone pictures indicate the bus was completely consumed by fire.

No one was injured but some belongings including cell phones and laptops were destroyed. The students say the company that owns the bus is Alliance Charter Buses located in Ft. Worth. We tried to contact them for a comment but were unable to reach them during office hours.

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