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Tax Free Shopping Madness Begins in Lubbock

Shopping madness started on Friday with an entire weekend to go. Traffic at the mall is still going strong and they are expecting 40,000 more people than usual.

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As soon as doors opened shoppers flooded South Plains Mall to take advantage of a privilege they get just once a year, shopping completely tax free. "This is probably the second biggest weekend of the year. The atmosphere is like the day after Thanksgiving around here this weekend," says Beth Bridges, South Plains Mall Marketing Manager.

Christmas in August, so it's called, brings more than 150,000 people to the mall in just three days. Most of them, families who come early to search for back to school bargains. "8:00 this morning. My son wanted to come out and try to get good bargains for school so we went to several stores and we're still not through. We still got a long way to go," says shopper Susan Sierra.

But Susan Sierra and her family say braving crowded stores is worth it. "For people that have a lot of kids I think they benefit from it too because they'll save some money and they'll be able to spend more," says Sierra. Susan is expecting to save at least $200 or more on school clothes for her children including 11-year-old Michael who says all this shopping is a lot of work.

Michael says waiting on the women gets tiresome. "We pass by something and she goes, 'Oh, look let's go over here and then let's go over here!"

Michael says he's had enough of following his aunts at only 10:30 a.m. At least he has new, tax-free, shoes and clothes for all of his trouble. "I got t shirts, shorts, stuff like that," says Michael.

Families say whether you buy a little or a lot, not having to pay taxes is enough to make tax free shopping a yearly ritual. "Every year we've done it. It does help, it does help every penny counts especially when you're on a budget even when it's $5 or $10," says another shopper, Rachel Duran.

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