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Lubbock Gays Fight for Understanding

"It seems that there is some misunderstanding of what homosexuality is," said Christopher George, a gay reverend at the Metropolitan Community Church. He was reacting to the Lubbock Independent School District's opposition to the allowance of a gay student group to meet on campus.

In the response to a lawsuit, the LISD focused on sex. "LISD has adopted a long standing abstinence policy applying to all matters concerning sexual activity," the report read. "It's not just about sex, it's about a lifestyle, about an identity of who a person is," said George.

Skid marks on the sidewalk are in the shadow of the crucifix which stands above the church. The front lawn has been repeatedly torn up by what church officials describe as a hate crime. An example of the spirit of intolerance that continues to puzzle Reverend George. "I don't understand why people fear me so much," he said.

"I think it's ok for the kids to meet," said one woman. On the campus of Texas Tech, a more liberal viewpoint than the LISD. "Nobody on earth can judge another person," said Quinn Dixon. He's witnessed the fight for gay rights unfold before. "It happened in my high school, in Arlington, and basically, if the drama club can meet and talk about drama, then why can't the gay club meet and talk about their issues. I don't understand the hypocrisy there," he said.

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