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Consider This...Waste in West Texas not wanted

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - I would like to thank the president of Waste Control Specialist , Mr. Rod Baltzer, for accepting my offer to rebut my opinion about his company. You may recall I spoke out against the decision to allow 36 states to bring their nuclear waste to be stored in west Texas.

Mr. Baltzer appeared right here last week to offer his perspective as president. He pointed out that the process to expand this radioactive dump in Andrews has been very transparrent, very public and received over 10,000 comments before it's approval. He also pionted out that scutiny of the project with the same kind of transparency was not new and had started back in 2004. He ended with the assurance that the company would not advocate for something they thought was unsafe or harmful.

Consider this: While I appreciate the company's take on the issue, we simply disagree. To me, radioactive waste storage is more than a safety issue, it's also about perception. There's a reason those other states want to send their waste away from their borders. They don't want it there. But they are more than willing to send it out here. With all do respect Mr. Baltzer is not from west Texas and doesn't live here. And to me it's simple: mass import of nuclear waste from three dozen states is simply not good for west Yexas.

However the CEO told me that no one in Austin really cares what happens out in Andrews. Well, I hope our newly elected officials care enough to do something about it? If you agree, I would once again ask you to contact our elected officials and let them know how you feel about this nuclear waste dump in our backyard.

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