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HealthWise at 5 From 8.4

  • Club Drugs

It's estimated that more than 2.5 million teenagers in the U.S. have already tried the popular club drug Ecstasy. According to a national survey by Samhsa, the office of applied studies, substance abuse and mental health services administration, related emergency room visits are up a staggering 2,000% in the last decade. Dr. Stephen Koesters says users may end up with feelings of anxiety, confusion and nausea, and those are just the short term effects. He says that there are long term effects that are just now becoming evident that affect knowledge and mood behaviors that may come out 20 years after people abuse the drugs. He adds that in 1994, there were about 250 people taken to the emergency room because of club drugs, seven years later that number jumped to more than 5,000.

  • Vitamin E and Exercise

A little exercise and Vitamin E can apparently go a long way toward keeping seniors healthy. A new University of Florida study says the combination of exercise and Vitamin E produces more antioxidants in the body to help seniors ward off free radical damage. Free radicals are molecules produced in the body as a result of stress and everyday wear and tear. Researchers divided elderly participants into an exercise group and a sedentary group and then gave them either Vitamin E or a sugar pill daily. They found a significant increase in antioxidants in patients who exercised moderately three days a week and also took 800 units of Vitamin E a day. Dr. James Jessup says that Vitamin E and the exercise helps prevent the occurrence of over 200 different human disease conditions that we normally associate with aging, so the benefits are tangible and intangible. Don't overdo it, the results also showed that excessive amounts of Vitamin E offered little benefit.

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