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Accused Rapist Remains on the Loose

On Monday the rape trial of Carlos Ferrer was postponed. The accused accidentally set free last week in a jail house mix-up.

How? "The large percentage is going to be human error," said Captain Kelly Rowe. He's conducting an internal investigation, interviewing upwards of 12 employees. "I'm busy reviewing circumstances as to how it occurred, why it occurred, who allowed it to occur," he said.

Meanwhile, outside the jail. "He can't run far enough," said Lt. Billy Timms, canvassing Ferrer's old neighborhood. "We went to several residences and looked for him in Slaton," he said.

According to the sheriff's department, the victim's family has been understanding in the situation. But, in an off camera interview, the mother of the victim states, "We're pissed. We just want him caught."

"Of course, if the subject makes any contact with the family, I'm sure we'll be the first ones to know," said Drewell. A terrifying thought for a 16-year-old girl who's already lived with the name of victim.

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