Laser Pain Therapy

Laser Pain Therapy

Diolase 10 laser combines a unique wavelength and high power (10,000 milliwatts) which results in a faster, more effective treatment of acute and chronic pain. The Diolase is a Class IV or Hot Laser Therapy and is a non-invasive, pain and side effect free solution for relief of pain in muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons, joints and scar tissue. It's TEN TIMES more powerful than Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or "cold" laser. You feel the heat at the point of pain. Low level or cold laser devices built the foundation for treatment of pain for over a decade but are just that: "Low Level." More power equals faster results. It works phenomenally well on stubborn areas of pain and is safe for use with nearly all patient types including those with surgical hardware and implanted devices like artificial knees, hips, and even pacemakers.


Pain Management - Diolase 10™ is the cutting edge of pain relief. Receiving laser therapy treatments can shift you out of your pain and increase your quality of life. Your level of pain severity will determine how often you should receive laser therapy.

Sports Injuries - Using Diolase 10™ , coupled with our existing protocols, assures you the most advanced and effective form of treatment for sports injuries. Our high-power laser allows for deep penetrative treatment of several connective areas within the injury. Diolase 10™ reduces both long and short-term side effects of injuries and accelerates the rate and quality of healing. In some cases, fractures have even healed at a multiplied speed.

Other - If you have pain that is of a neuro-muscular-skeletal origin, you may be a candidate for laser therapy. This includes:

  • arthritis
  • arthralgia
  • back pain
  • bursitis
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • chondromalacia patellae
  • fibromyalgia
  • heel spurs or plantar fasciitis
  • migraine headaches
  • neck pain/whiplash
  • nerve root pain
  • postoperative pain
  • repetitive stress injuries
  • TM joint pain
  • tendentious
  • tennis elbow
  • contusions, strains and sprains
  • disc degeneration, herniation & accompanying swelling


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