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Mother grieving reaches out to the Ennen family


By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – It's been a very emotional and difficult time for the Ennen's since Elizabeth went missing nearly three weeks ago. During this tragic time another grieving mother has stepped up to offer her support to the Ennen family after losing her daughter to violence.

Seeing the news of Elizabeth's death touched home with Mother Tina White."I just started crying because I know how it feels because I lost my daughter. It will be 11 years July first. She was murdered," said Tina.

In 1999 police found 19-year-old Amanda Gschwend brutally murdered and left in a field near Olive and East Municipal Drive. Her mother Tina still grieves while the murderer is on the loose.

"It's terrible when someone thinks they can take something away from a mother like this. They don't understand what they're taking away. They take away a life time," she cried. "I still miss her every day. I have a picture of my two kids on the wall but I had three, and something is missing in it. I look at it every day"

Although it's been almost 11 years since her daughter was taken from her, she still hurts but says there is hope for Elizabeth's mother and that she will do anything she can to relieve that pain.

"Ms. Ennen my heart goes out for you. If you need to talk you are more than welcome to, they can give you my number and you can call me. I will talk to you, I will sit and visit with you. I will hug you. I will hold your hand. Whatever you need if I can give it I will," sobbing she continued. "God bless you. I'm so sorry this happened to you, I'm so sorry it happened to you to. This is not a life you like. It's not something you want, but you need to talk. Please don't bottle it up. Please don't let it take you away, you got to keep fighting for her."

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