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Consider This...No one is to blame for the Tucson shootings;just the shooter

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – It's been a little more than two weeks since a lunatic opened fire on a crowd in a Tucson parking lot. Six people killed, 20 others injured. A senseless act that has left one major question in all of our minds. Why? We may never know what was going on in his mind that would drive him to such violence. What we do know is the answers some were quick to offer were downright absurd. Soon after the shootings, networks, and cable news channels were enabling a discussion that should never been allowed. Police hadn't even left the crime scene before liberals were actually blaming republicans for the shootings.

Consider This: No one is responsible for those shootings other than the shooter. I am embarrassed as a private citizen that our political discussions have become so toxic. I am even more embarrassed that my network affiliation has empowered that rhetoric. That's not what this TV station approves of, that's not what this part of the country stands for, and unfortunately those people in Washington are just plain out of touch. There needs to be a serious gut check on both sides of the isle. I fear the shootings in Tucson are not the only national tragedy that Washington must deal with.

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