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Fire victims another step closer to replacing what they lost

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – The victims from a West Lubbock apartment fire will get new furniture Wednesday thanks to the community support.

"We're able to go out and get some stuff like beds if possible to start back up," said Stassney Coleman, who lost everything in the fire.

This comes after more than 55 people lost everything when the Twin Oaks Apartments caught fire Thursday, after a stove was left on. 36 units were destroyed leaving dozens of people without a home. Officials determined it to be accidental.

"Everything was just lost and damaged so we need as much as we can," said Coleman.

The Salvation Army of Lubbock is helping the victims get one step closer to replacing what they lost. They will spend $16,500 for each household to receive $500 to shop for the furniture they need.

"Furniture Row came back and said we will do a dollar for dollar match for every bit you provide for these individuals," said Melody Paton, The Salvation Army of Lubbock.

Therefore, the victims will have $1,000 to spend in their store to get everything from mattresses to dining tables to replace some of the items they lost.

And this isn't the first time The Army has stepped in to make sure people involved in such a tragedy get what they need to move forward.

"The Salvation Army worked a similar deal during hurricane Katrina so this is something we're really familiar with," said Paton.

The Salvation Army said this effort will be funded in part by proceeds raised at their thrift stores. And this is how the non-profit started providing for their causes back in 1991, by reselling donated clothes.

"Lubbock really came together and gave them everything they really needed," said Rebecca Marin, a volunteer for the Salvation Army of Lubbock.

The proceeds from the Lubbock thrift stores will help these fire victims get back on their feet. "I'm excited they're able to reach out and help us," said Coleman.

For these people who lost everything, you could see smile on their faces Wednesday as they picked out everything from bedroom sets to kitchen tables.

"It makes me feel good to help people out. I know where they are coming from and what their needs are. I can walk with them and show them where things are, just for them to start over. They're excited about getting new stuff," said Marin.

Even though it doesn't replace the home they once had, the victims said they are now able to rebuild with the help from others.

"It's still hard because that was something that happened, but I'm just taking it one day at a time that's really all I can do," said Coleman.

The Lubbock community can support The Salvation Army by sending monetary donations to P.O. Box 2785 Lubbock, TX 79408, by volunteering to help sort donations or by shopping at The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store.

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