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The No Tug Plug: Does It Work?

It's called the 'No Tug Plug'. The box claims it keep the plug nice and snug against the outlet but Does it Work? Let's find out.

The instructions were easy. It says to just place the plastic cover over the outlet and secure it with the screw they give you. Next you pinch and slide the shutters open.

Now it's time to get out the vacuum cleaner and get this test rolling. We'll just plugged the cord into the 'No Tug Plug'. You're supposed to close it up until it's tight and the plug doesn't come out. We were tugging but the plug seems to be staying put.

We began vacuuming hallway and as we approached the cords limits, sure enough wouldn't be tugged out of the wall.

There's no second guessing the no tug plug. It works.

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