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Family and friends lay Elizabeth Ennen to rest

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Family and friends laid 15-year-old Elizabeth Ennen to rest Friday. It was an emotional day for those who knew Ennen. There was not a dry eye in sight.

It was standing room only inside Sanders Memorial Chapel. Some in attendance stood outside and just listened to Reverend Dale Bostick speak about Elizabeth's unique personality. The reverend said, "The measure of a person is never known until their gone."

"Everytime she walked in a room you couldn't help but smile when you saw her, she always made everyone so happy, " Elizabeth's friend Kerri Davis said.

Kayla, Carrie, Ashley, and Devin were in the school Choir with Elizabeth. She was remembered by friends and family as a commemorative video played. In the background, a song trailed of Alan Jackson's Sissy's song. "She went up to heaven, on the wings of angels," says Alan Jackson in his song about a young life taken too soon.

Her four closest friends had a hard time thinking about a day without Elizabeth. "It shouldn't have been her...," Kerri Davis said.

"She didn't deserve this.. she didn't," her classmate Devin Hanlon said.

"She had one of the most beautiful voices in our choir I really wish that she had gotten the chance to let everybody hear it," Devin continued.

But, Deandre Jackson attended the funeral and he says he did have a chance to hear Elizabeth's voice. "She had a beautiful voice and I don't know why she was singing I was just like why would she sing for me..I mean I barely met her," he said.

Her best friend Kayla, says it was typical for Elizabeth to be kind to all. "She loved everybody and cared about everyone she met," she said.

And the foursome say, the fifth spot in their Choir group is empty. "I don't think anyone has sat in her spot this week, we wouldn't let anybody. So I guess if anybody new comes in I guess well let them know that," her classmate, Ashley Hamilton said.

While they are saddened by the missing piece of their group the girls say Elizabeth brought them together. "We've all realized just how valuable our lives are and maybe we get mad at each other for a day, not talk to each other for a week, you don't know because the next week you wont have that person anymore," Devin cried.

The funeral comes after authorities discovered Ennen's body near Shallowater Monday night. She was reported missing January 5th.

The sole suspect in this case, Humberto Salinas Jr., 45, is charged with aggravated kidnapping. He remains behind bars on a $250,000 bond.

The Lubbock County District Attorney, Matt Powell said prosecutors are in no rush to upgrade that charge. Powell said they'll present the case to a grand jury and let them decide. Salinas could face a capital murder charge.

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