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Food for Thought Report 8.7

Our two Low Performers are popular places in South Lubbock, while one of our Top Performers can start your day off right, and the other can satisfy your appetite any time of the day or night. Here's what's cooking in this edition of NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought.

We start off with Denny's at 4718 Slide Road. Zero critical violations makes them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Next on the Top Performing list, Rise N Shine donuts at 7801 University. They also earn a perfect score this week, receiving zero critical violations.

Food for Thought 8.7
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 8/7/03.
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The first of our two Low Performers this time is Home Plate Diner at 7615 University where four critical violations were found.

  • A hand sink was being used for purposes other than hand washing. The front counter sink was being used to make sanitizer.
  • There was cross contamination potential due to improper concentration of sanitizer. Wiping cloths were being used in a bucket with no sanitizer.
  • The date marking system was not complete: ham on the line was not date marked.
  • Food contact surfaces were not clean: ladles had dried food and build up on them.

The Manager at Home Plate Diner tells NewsChannel 11 they have been a top performer before, and will be again. He said everything has been taken care of. The report shows all critical violations were corrected on site.

Finally Cheddar's at 4009 South Loop 289 receives seven critical violations.

  • There was improper cold hold of potentially hazardous food products. Pasta was on the serving line at 70 degrees and potato wedges were found at 71 degrees.
  • Good hygiene practices were not being followed. Open lidded drink containers were found throughout the kitchen area.
  • The cook and wait staff were not washing their hands and using hand sanitizer or gloves before handling ready to eat foods.
  • There was cross contamination potential due to improper storage of wiping cloths, using old utensils with new product, heavily soiled aprons and unsanitized sinks prior to thawing.
  • The date marking system was not accurate. All potentially hazardous ready to eat foods must have an expiration date.
  • Hand washing facilities were not accessible because a towel rack was in the way.
  • Toxic items were not properly stored: a spray bottle was stored with utensils above a food prep area.

The General Manager at Cheddar's told NewsChannel 11 when he took the restaurant over in January it was in very bad shape and since then he has completely turned it around. He also said the violations found do not constitute hazardous conditions at Cheddar's. The report shows all critical violations were corrected on site.

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