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Hazardous cold weather to hit Lubbock, officials warn

By James Clark - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Starting Monday night Lubbock will experience the coldest prolonged period since 1997.  "Arctic air is poised to invade West Texas Monday night..." the Lubbock office of National Weather Service says in a special weather statement.

The forecast is so cold that Lubbock County's Emergency Management Coordinator, Clinton Thetford, is getting involved by sending email alerts to local media. 

As of Sunday night, KCBD NewsChannel 11's First Alert Forecast calls for a low temperature of 9 degrees Fahrenheit Monday night going into Tuesday morning.  Low temperatures then range from 2 to 9 degrees for the following three nights.

Wind-chill factors will be even worse.  "By the time we get into Tuesday morning, zero to -10, maybe as low as -15," says KCBD NewsChannel 11 Meteorologist Cary Allen. 

The NWS is even more pessimistic saying, "Dangerous cold wind-chills" are forecast to approach "minus 20."  Wind chills of zero to -20 increase the risk of frostbite, which is a serious medical condition involving potentially permanent damage to skin and muscle tissue.

High temperatures will be in the teens on Tuesday, "maybe some 20's if we're lucky," Allen says.  At last check, the First Alert Forecast calls for a high of 19 on Wednesday, and 22 on Thursday.

Adding insult to injury there might be some snow.  "We do expect some snow across the area with some accumulations and travel problems Tuesday, maybe Wednesday and even Thursday morning," Allen says. 

Allen advises people to protect pipes and plants.  He also says it's important to take precautions for pets and livestock.  If you have a chance, Allen advises you to double check both the antifreeze levels and strength in your vehicle to prevent engine damage.

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