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Cutting School Supply Costs

Parents, don't let your kids help you shop for school supplies. You could be paying more than what you've bargained for.

Meet fifth grader Alyssa Barney. "Sometimes we get folders with characters on them and pencils with characters," she said about the supplies her peers usually have.

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She not actually here to shop for supplies, but helping us out on an experiment. In her hands is the list of supplies for Lubbock Independent School's fifth graders. Alyssa shopped for everything on the list, and we told her to pick out anything she wanted.

So, she picked out the crayons, the pencils, the scissors, the glue, pens, three spirals, a protractor, compass, graph paper. Alyssa picked out map colors too. "Why did you pick out these?" we asked her. "They looked like the cheapest," she said.

Alyssa also picked out a highlighter, a pocket folder with brads, a folder, and a three pack of Kleenex. Seventeen items in all. How much would this run Alyssa? "$18.87," said the clerk. Not bad, but is there a better deal?

NewsChannel 11 chose generics over brand names. Could this make a difference? We chose the same 17 items as Alyssa but made cost effective choices. "Oh, so I've got the Roseart crayons. 16 count for 20 cents. You cant beat that," said Cecelia.

We didn't have to wander around all over the store either to find the bargains. And guess how much we spent compared to Alyssa? "Total due. $9.67," said the clerk. "It's about a $9 savings," said Cecelia.

Yep. 50% cheaper if you watch the prices. And for families that have to shop for three or more kids, that could make or break the piggy bank.

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