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Lubbock Deals with Scorching Heat

After sweating through record high temperatures on Wednesday, West Texans braced for a double dose of misery. The mercury all but burst through the top of the thermometer. Whether at work, or at play, west Texans were baking on Thursday. "It's gonna be one of the hottest we'll see all year. 110 to 112 isn't it?," said one man.

Mail Carrier Debra not only totting the mail, but plenty of water and even electrolytes. "Actually, today they handed out some pills if we get really hot." Across town at Coronado high's tennis try-outs, it was almost too hot to handle.

For construction workers there is no escape. But others did find ways to beat the heat. Texas water rampage has had big crowds, with 43 straight days of sunshine and no rain.

The entire nation is sweating, but Texas is the bull's eye for the heat. Temperatures in Lubbock just shy of those in Death Valley.

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