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Health Officials Warn Of West Nile Threat As Cases Explode

Government Health Officials say since last week, the number of West Nile virus cases has tripled.

Now the Centers for Disease Control is urging Americans to beef up their fight against mosquitos. So far this year, 150 cases in 16 states have been reported. At least four people have died, two of those people are from Texas.

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According to the Texas Department of Health, 13 counties are reporting 33 human cases of West Nile. Dallas now leads the state in the number of human cases, with eight. But Lubbock is right behind Dallas with seven. In East Texas, Montgomery County has six and Harris County is reporting three cases. The other nine counties are reporting one human case of West Nile each.

You can only get West Nile virus from an infected mosquitos. So health officials say it's very important for you to use a bug repellent that contains DEET, and to get rid of stagnant water around your home, because that's where mosquitos breed. Experts predict West Nile will fly to every state before fall begins.

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